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Build & Run


export CGO_ENABLED=0
go build


export OPENGFW_LOG_LEVEL=debug
./OpenGFW -c config.yaml rules.yaml

Where config.yaml is the config file and rules.yaml is the rules file.

pcap file replay mode

./OpenGFW -p your.pcap -c config.yaml rules.yaml

In pcap mode, none of the actions in the rules have any effect. This mode is mainly for debugging.


OpenGFW has been tested to work on OpenWrt 23.05 (other versions should also work, just not verified).

Install the dependencies:

opkg install nftables kmod-nft-queue kmod-nf-conntrack-netlink

Config example

  queueSize: 1024
  rcvBuf: 4194304
  sndBuf: 4194304
  local: true # (1)!
  rst: false # (2)!

  count: 4 # (3)!
  queueSize: 64
  tcpMaxBufferedPagesTotal: 65536
  tcpMaxBufferedPagesPerConn: 16
  tcpTimeout: 10m # (4)!
  udpMaxStreams: 4096

# The path to load specific local geoip/geosite db files.
# If not set, they will be automatically downloaded from
# ruleset:
#   geoip: geoip.dat
#   geosite: geosite.dat

  realtime: false # (5)!
  1. Set to false if you want to run OpenGFW on FORWARD chain (e.g. on a router)
  2. Set to true if you want to send RST for blocked TCP connections, local=false only
  3. Recommended to be no more than the number of CPU cores
  4. How long a connection is considered dead when no data is being transferred. Dead connections are purged from TCP reassembly pools once per minute.
  5. Set to true if you want to replay the packets in the pcap file in "real time" (instead of as fast as possible)